Man VS Machine

Man VS Machine is the result after studying analog electronic music at the Toonzaal (Den Bosch, NL). Most of the sounds are generated with my electric violin and heavily edited to almost unrecognizable sounds. I was looking for the twilight zone between acoustic (man) and electronic (machine) music.


Hypnagogia is a term used to describe the state of falling asleep. I have put different symptoms which can be experienced during this state into music, such as hypnagogic spasm, the sensation of falling and the wandering of the mind into a dreamscape. The composition was performed by the FC Jongbloed ensemble led by Aart Strootman.

Tour de T (excerpts)

For the Cultuurnacht in Tilburg I collaborated with choreographer and dancer Sarah Prescimone to create a dance performance about the architecture of Tilburg. We decided to put different interesting buildings to music to show the diversity of Tilburgs architecture. To compose an original piece of music for every building, I used recordings of the environment, soundscapes, modern music (such as dub step and new-age), the architecture of the building itself and translated it (sometimes quite literally) to music.

Lethe (fragment)

This piece for piano is named after the river Lethe, one of the five rivers from the Greek underworld. It is said that the dead drink from this river to forget their past live before they can reincarnate again...