Luthiér unknown (build ±1900) - 'Da Saló' violin (replica)

Yamaha - Electric violin
Gerhard Bos - Electro-acoustic celtic harp
Ariel - Soprano/alto/tenor recorder
Moeck - Great bass recorder
Brad Anderson - High ’D’ whistle
Tony Dixon - High ’D’/alto ’G’/ Low ’D’ whistle
Session - Bodhrán
Masterwork - Darabukka
Ashbury - Irish Bouzouki

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Audition, Première Pro CS6

Finale 2014
Logic Pro X
Presonus Studio One 3

Laguz (Paganfolk)
Tre Källorna (Folkduo)
Ilmarinen (Epic Folkmetal)

Sources of Inspiration
Mythology & polytheism, personal experience, (day)dreams and musings, nature, great minds, science & evolution, travelling


Composer, musician, designer. Sculptor of pixels and sinewaves.

Kasper’s artistic skills are rooted in both visual and auditory art. From an early age on he developed his musical skills on violin with Paul Fischer (Breda) alongside his visual designing skills. He studied graphic and audiovisual design at SintLucas (Boxtel) and completed these studies at Zoomvliet College (Roosendaal). While studying visual arts, the personal need for developing better musical skills only grew. It was a natural step to start studying composition with Kees van den Bergh at the conservatory of Tilburg (Fontys School of Performing Arts). He followed masterclasses composition with Dimitris Andrikopoulos (Greece), Gian Paolo Luppi (Italy) and Hawar Tawfiq (Kurdistan). At the conservatory he also studies violin with Chris Duindam.

As a composer he worked for ensembles such as F.C. Jongbloed and composed for soloists, choir and occasional ensembles. He has been active in the organisation of Composition Meets Choreography (CMC) since 2014. He works closely together with choreographers such as Okke Braaksma and Sarah Prescimone. With Braaksma he performed on multiple festivals (Breaking the Waves, Podium Onder de Boom) and together they created the full-length performance Het Verhaal van de Olifant.

In his teenage years he came in contact with world music, which has been a tilting moment in his life. This was an opportunity for him to gain deeper insights into different cultures (such as Celtic, Scandinavian and Armenian) and his work since then has been strongly influenced by this development. This can be traced into his compositions and his activity as a performer in world music with his folk band Laguz and duo Tre Källorna. His (personal) visual art also reflects these wordly elements.

As a designer he created artwork, logos, posters and other promotional materials for bands (Overhaul, Jamirovibe, Stàilinn Drakk) and other occasional projects and associations.

Art, for him, is a catalyst to achieve a common experience. This common experience is able to create bridges, offers new perspectives, moves, excites, and causes a common catharsis. These communal experiences are the base of his intrinsic motivation.